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Monday, October 1, 2012 at 11:15PM
Julia Sasso

Saw your show tonight Julia. How exquisite and masterful - what a wonderful work you have created. beautiful in every way - Thank you~ love and best Carol (Anderson, dance artist, choreographer, writer, Associate Professor: Modern/Contemporary Dance - York University, founding member of Toronto's Dancemakers)

Beautiful production, Julia!! Sophisticated choreography that soooooooo did the music justice. Beautifully performed by the dancers and Eve. It was a magical afternoon. Congratulations. xx Susie (Burpee, dance artist, choreographer)

thanks for the amazing inspiring SLoE. just great. (Christopher Willes, artist)

I became mesmerized as I took it all in. I brought my Mom-she really enjoyed it as well. Thanks! Congrats on a very beautiful work-must feel good!

(Sharon B. Moore, dance artist, choreographer)

I could watch Susan Lee dance all day every day beautiful choreography, stunning dancers! (Mary Fogarty, Assistant Professor: Dance Education, Ethnography, Improvisation and Breaking Technique - York University)

Thanks for your beautiful work. Your dance embodied Ann's music with profound grace and with potent images of the human condition. She would have loved it! xo Claudia (Moore, dance artist, choreographer, artistic director: Moonhorse Dance Theatre)

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your piece last night.  It was beautiful and riveting to watch.  So many moves I had never seen before and fell in love with.  All the dancers were so strong and were so in love with the work.  Congratulations!  Glad to be involved. Take care, laurie (Brown, host of The Signal on CBC Radio 2)

Congratulations on your beautiful show.  Eve was exquisite and the dancers were wonderful. Lovely, luscious, poignant movement material. Peter thought Rebecca's lighting was superb.  Bravo all 'round. Much love, Pat (Fraser, Artistic Director: The School of Toronto Dance Theatre)

Beautiful. Please send my love and best wishes to your astonishing dancers. And that amazing Eve - although she doesn't know me... C XO (Claire F. Wootten, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Dance. York University)

Julia that was absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!   I don't know how you do it.  You must be so pleased!   Magical.  We spoke briefly to Eve before she was mobbed by fans.  thanks again so very much for a wonderful performance.  Much love   Kip xo (Christopher Southam)

I did get to tell Eve how great she was. It was an amazing performance Julia!! I'm so glad I could see it. Ann would have been proud - hope you are too! Bev (Beverley Wybrow, President and CEO, Canadian Women's Foundation)

What a powerful performance! we had a lively conversation all the way home about your choreography and Ann's music. A happy combination....

Throughout the evening, I kept feeling the interweaving of lines of music and lines of dance -- a mutually completing fabric, rather than one foregrounded over the other. Made for a really full feeling. I love the way you held the dancers back, allowing the spacious music to create a space for them to dance in. And the dancers repeatedly launching from and returning to the piano as the place from which the energy unfolds was wonderful. The mysterious imagery created by the suspended abstract shifted throughout the evening, there but subtly so. And the costumes were ideal -- also suspended between there and not-there... which seems to me the backbone of this piece of music as well. All in all, the parts created a wonderful whole.

I think this is your best long piece yet. Distinctive motifs and movements I associate with you finding a home. And the gathering momentum behind the single man and multiple women was impressive. I could never say what the dance "means" because there are, like life, shifting layers. Crystalline moments stood out for me like the texture in the weaving, and then carried back into the supple fabric of the dance. The most moving moment for me was the "pieta" of Susan Lee cradling the dying/dead/resurrecting man. So much of the challengings and relatings and risings and fallings came home at that moment.... As always but now in a new way, your choreography reveals the mysterious conjunctions and disjunctions that underlie all relationship....

The dancers are gorgeous, and I love the way you mix up body types. Quite special to see an entirely new-to-my-eyes group of dancers. Angela and Deanne stood out for me (Angela reminded Alix & me of a fine-boned Sasha I.), and Susan's quiet ferocity was excellent. A beautiful crew of beautiful dancers. And such a gift to have the music played live on stage as an integral aspect of the dance.

Congratulations, Julia, you've created a beautiful dance… love, C (Cathleen Hoskins)



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